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Little People, BIG DREAMS: Women in Science

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Little People, Big Dreams: Women in Science
Meet three inspirational women from the world of science: Ada Lovelace, Amelia Earhart and Marie Curie! This boxed gift set of three hardback books from the internationally bestselling Little People, BIG DREAMS series introduces little dreamers to the lives of these incredible women who worked in the field of science... and changed the world.
In these remarkable true stories, learn how three women overcame hardship to achieve great success in science. Ada - despite growing up without a father and becoming very sick with measles as a child - went on to become the world's first computer programmer. Amelia challenged conventional stereotypes, showing the world how brave and adventurous a woman could be by setting aviation records and undertaking dangerous flying missions. Marie Curie was unable to go to college because she was a woman, but became a renowned scientist and eventually won the Nobel Prize for Physics. Each of these moving books features stylish and quirky illustrations and extra facts at the back, including a biographical timeline with historical photos and a detailed profile of the woman's life.
Little People, BIG DREAMS is a bestselling series of books and educational games that explore the lives of outstanding people, from designers and artists to scientists and activists. All of them achieved incredible things, yet each began life as a child with a dream.
This empowering series offers inspiring messages to children of all ages, in a range of formats. The board books are told in simple sentences, perfect for reading aloud to babies and toddlers. The hardback versions present expanded stories for beginning readers. Paper dolls, learning cards, matching games and other fun learning tools provide even more ways to make the lives of these role models accessible to children. Also available to collect is the boxed gift set Little People, BIG DREAMS: Women in Art, which includes hardback editions of Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel and Frida Kahlo.
Inspire the next generation of outstanding people who will change the world with Little People, BIG DREAMS!
Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd
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